Has anyone eleminated the wire the comes from the clutch ?

I do that on every bike I own. Same with the kickstand switch. They serve no purpose to me other than to put another link in the troubleshooting chain to explore when something goes wrong.

You didn't say what kind of bike you have or what condition it is in so I'll just tell what has worked for me when I have removed the switch(es).

First let me say this is assuming that the bike runs ok now.

Clutch switch: Follow the wires from the switch to the plug and unplug it (ONLY the clutch switch wires!). Try to start the bike. If it starts, remove the switch and wires from the perch and you're done. If it doesn't start, take a short piece of wire and jumper the two wires in the harness side plug together and start the bike. If the bike starts this way then you need to permenantly jumper these two wires together.

Sidestand switch: Similar procedure as above. Find plug from switch and disconnect it. When you start the bike have the sidestand down and hold the clutch and put the bike in gear. If the bike doesn't die then you are done. If the bike dies then you need to jumper the plug on the harness.

Without knowing what kind of bike you have this is the best I can do to help. Good luck.

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