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1990 XR200R CDI question

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I came across this post earlier while trying to find something else, but it made me think about my bike, and think it very well could be my problem. 

In this post, Chuck states to NOT use the CDI box from an '85 4valve motor on a 2valve motor.

When I got my '90 XR200R I had the motor rebuilt. The bike had an aftermarket Chinese CDI box on it, and the guy said that might be a problem with it starting. I had an '85 XR200R I bought first, and it had the CDI still on it, so I took it to him and he put it on, since I had no other options, I didn't know they were different, and money was tight. 

The bike didn't wanna start. I found the pulse generator was 180 degrees out and valves way out, so I got that corrected. Bike will run but has been super hard to start since then. 

My question is, when I put the correct CDI in, should it wanna start with ease? Like it's supposed to?!

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The Modules are unique for the engines they were designed for. The RFVC engines use a sensor on the flywheel that senses a protrusion on the flywheel and the CDI module contains the advance curve. The two valve motors use a sensor on the cam that senses a magnet with a mechanical advance. Each module has a product code mark so they are easy to identify.  The Product Code is the middle part of the part number, for the 86+ XR200R it is KT0.


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Thank you thank you Chuck!!!

I went out and pulled the tank off my bike to look at the CDI module. Sure as shit is not the one I'm supposed to have. It has a KK0 on it.


Luckily, I pulled this off the '86 parts bike today. It's a KT0. :thumbsup: 


I'm going out of town to work in a few days for 4-8 weeks, and when I get home, I'm slapping the whole setup in there! I hope that will be the make all the difference in the world and change it from 20-30 kicks, down to the normal Honda 2-3 kicks and get me riding all the time then. 

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Posted (edited)

Update... I went out this evening, pulled the bike out of the garage, and swapped out the CDI modules. Put it all back together, turned the fuel on, hopped on the bike to kick and see if I could get it to start. Grabbed the throttle to try getting some gas in the carb, and, NO GO! :banghead:

I obviously forgot to drain the carb before parking it the last time I got it running. So the throttle needle is stuck. It's hot and humid and I don't have time to mess with it before I leave Sunday, so I'll clean and rebuild the carb when I get back from working out of town. 

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Forgot to include these pictures. Might be helpful for someone to recognize which CDI they should have. 

20180713_204706.thumb.jpg.0a2c46d7c9502310e923702866586569.jpgKT0 is the smaller, '86+ 2 valve CDI module. KK0 is the larger '84-85 RFVC 4 valve CDI module. There is a considerable size difference, in case you somehow encounter one that doesn't have markings on the plug. Hope this is helpful to someone. 


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I finally got my carb rebuild kit and was finally able to get out and mess with it yesterday. 

I tore the carb down, got everything cleaned up and put it back together. As I was going, I looked at the jets that were in there to begin with. It had a 110 main, but had a 42 slow in. The kit came with stock 110 and 38, so I installed those. I couldn't find my service manual anywhere, so I was having issues with making sure the float was right, but my dad sent me pictures from my atc200 manual, so that helped. I THINK I got it right. Adjusted the mixture screws 1 1/2 turns out, air screw 1 1/8 turns out. 

I put everything back together, poured some gas in the tank, turned the fuel on and pumped the gas, kicked the bike a number of times, but nothing. 

Then I stepped off and looked, gas finally decided to start pouring into the carb. Once I saw it fill the line all the way to the tank, I got back on and gave it a try. I think it took 3-4 kicks and she was running! Throttle response was great. Let it run for a few minutes to get warm, killed it and kicked it over again, 2 kicks and popped off. Tried a few more times for comfort, and each time she started in 1 kick.

I took her for a ride in the field in front of our neighborhood and she felt great, wheelies under power in 2nd no problem! Was sputtering on the way back to the house, so I'm sure I still need some adjusting on the carb. 

I've had to look to Thumper Talk numerous times while working on this bike while trying to get it running right. I can't thank everyone enough that's helped out when I've had questions, and those who have posted their years of knowledge in numerous threads over the years TT has been around. This site is such an incredible resource for anyone wanting to work on their own bikes.

Now I can focus on the cosmetics and make the bike look respectable lol. And I can also move on to finish my other projects!

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