aftermarket tripple clamp

I just got an aftermarket top clamp similar to this one (so I could move bar mounts forward) Only problem I see is that because the clamp is much taller than stock, (3 clamping bolts instead of 2)when the forks are raised in the clamp by any amount, clamping area is lost due to the taper on the forks. If I was to run the forks level with the top of the clamp the ol' 426 would turn about as well as a road train.

I guess it will be ok as 2 of the 3 clamping bolts are over the correct section of the fork tube. Anyone else had this problem?? If so was it an issue??



Look at how the clamp is built. You cannot have the clamp higher than stock at the center stem nut. If you did, you would have to mill out space for the nut to seat on the threads or make a longer stem.

So where does the extra length go? down!

FYI, the pros dont use 3 bolts in their clamps. To much stiction. Use 2 of the 3 bolts per side.

This bit has got me intrested...

FYI, the pros dont use 3 bolts in their clamps. To much stiction. Use 2 of the 3 bolts per side.

I fail to see how clamping force on the outer fork tubes 3" from the top of the tube could result in extra stiction between the fork legs and the bushings. :)

Anyway I had planed just to use the top bolts, I was just asking if anyone else had run acreoss the same problem.


Dont ask me cause I do not ride at that level. But top and bottom they only use 2 of the 3 bolt holes. My boss at work use to wrench and manage a few of the different pro teams out there. just curious

That is a nice looking Triple Clamp! :)

sure is...and the Serco version that I got is cheap as chips $215 AU (about $160 US)Only difference is that the Serco version doesnt have the clamp on the stem.


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