Over sized rotor with braided CR style/Stock/ or +2" ???

I'm thinking about getting a titax oversize rotor kit. I've notice that alot of people are running the CR style brake line. I've also heard that if you run a braided brake line even in the stock lenght/routing that you will get the same affect as with a CR/shorter braided brake line. I think this would hold true due to the line expansion. Length really wouldn't matter if they both flexed the exactly the same. The only bonus to a CR is that it's less likely to get damaged. But with an oversized rotor such as the titax, can you run the stock length/routing line, or do you need to get a longer one to keep the stock routing because of the repositioning of the caliper? Or can you just do the CR style for the same price?

On Rocky Mountain the +2" is $100 and the DR.D CR style kit with brake line is $120 and that comes with the rivet and mount. Is the extra $20 worth it. Or I could just pay the $60 for a braided stock length.

What do you guys think?

Titax 280mm rotor

Fastline CR routed brake line

LightSpeed "05" CR mount style YZ fork guards

That is what I have, works great! Looks sano also.

I'd recommend a Ride Engineering CR style brake line, EBC oversized rotor (best price) and a new cr style fork guard mount from Oldblue on the forum. This would be your cheapest option with the best equipment. Just by changing you brakeline to a stainless line makes a night and day difference. If you're gonna do it, mind as well go CR style. Much cleaner, less prone to damage, and you lose a few ounces minus the guard and guide brackets and bolts. . . :)

Greast suggestions. Thanks. :)

XXX, for really good braking power you should try a CR/CRF front master. I picked one up to throw into the mix with my CR routed line (got it cheap on Ebay) and oldblue clamp kit. Later this summer when I have more money to spend I'm going to get an oversized Wave style rotor up front, a rear Wave style rotor, and possibly a braided rear brake line as well. I'll let you know how the CRF master cylinder works out for me once I get it installed :)

Best price? not by far!

Titax O/S rotor is $99

Fastline CR brake line ~59-$79

LightSpeed fork guards $40

Save yourself $40 if your fork guards aren't hammered. Get a Brakeline guide ~$25 (blue billet) from Oldblue. Now that's your best value. . .

Actually, oldblue's clamp kit is $11.99 plus $5 for shipping on Ebay :)

Dang, I gotta talk to Oldblue, he's losing money! :)

Just trying to support the greatest sport in the world! :)

the +2" is for supermoto 320mm rotors.

Can someone please show me a link to Oldblue? Thanks

PM'd ya...

I have a Titax 280mm rotor, ride engineering brake line, and motul RBF600 fluid on my WRF, and it works great even for sportsman Supermoto. :)

For the line I put the rubber end that is over the end of the hard overline through the lower of the two stock guides, and then drilled through both of them and safety wired the line in place. If you do this, also be sure and cut off and smooth over the outer L finger that wraps over the outside of the guard. It is on the guide for the guard that wraps around the lower part of the upper tube. It is the one that keeps you from pulling the lower guard forward away from the fork. If you don't cut it off, when the fork compresses it will catch on the CR routed line and pull it.

I agree that is exactly what I am running on my bike with Ferrodo pads works killer just like power brakes.

Who sells the Titax products? I see their website but it is from Europe. Thanks

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