new Scott's Damper for sale, still.

Well, i thought it was sold a few times before but for one reason or another it didn't find a new home. so once again....

New, not used, Scott's Damper. purchased for my '01 520 MXC. comes with new bolt on kit and new handle bar clamp for pro taper style or those larger diameter style bars. $380.00 for everything. That's the lowest i can go.

i'm not sure what other bikes this will fit, so i would suggest you contact Scott's if you have any questions.

you can contact me at

thanks in advance for any and all replies.


Hey Joey,

the last couple of e-mails i sent you came back undeliverable. i got one from you today though. there may be somthing wrong with your address...etc. please give me another way to contact you so i can send you my info...if you got my last e-mail please disregard this message.



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