Yo Motoman 393 & other texas riders

my buddies are opening a new track this sat near bastrop off hwy 290 & hwy 21. they have a sx track & outdoor track built. Dirt Works out of cali has been down doing the work..

If you go to the CRF board & look up ATTN texas riders there is a link to some pics i took of the sx track & a few outdoor pics ( but it was still being built)

they have just gotten a web site up www.crosscreekmx.com

mxaddict from houston is comming up &* so is my buddy therapture

here are the sx whoops

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OMG...I am SO there!! I have to work Saturday, and I was going to race Sunday (but I may reschedule LOL). You got any directions? If I cant get there this weekend...summer is 2 wks away. I love technical SX style stuff. Later,


nevermind I just went to the site and got directions. Thanks

Oh yeah, got my carb parts in, the bike is back together, can't wait to hit the new track! I rejetted a bit with the 2001 needle and a smaller #45 pilot, it is crisper now, and I will iron out the final settings at the track. Cya guys there!!!

motoman i think you need to call in sick sat haha..

well just finished getting the ol 450 back together.. fresh chain & sprockets & tire

i was asked to go out to the track today for a early ride but didnt get home in time to get bike ready & drive out there... :)

My luck if I took Saturday off, I would meet one of my bosses out there LOL. Everyone who works at the Yamaha dealership rides (go figure :) ) My good friend Matt is getting a new 426 in 2-3wks and I will probably just wait until he gets a bike to go up there. Later,


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