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I took my bike in last tuesday to action motorsports in Oregon City, I got it back a couple days ago. The mechanic (steve) dropped the needle, turned out the air fuel screw, put in a hotter plug, and I think the most important part, adjusted my float level. I rode yesterday, parked it, and for the first time ever, it started up the day after I rode it. Hopefully the thing keeps this plug in it for a while. I suppose a lot of you where right. The guy at Action Motorsports with a mullet was going to charge me but Steve stopped him, I was so happy I went and payed 30 bucks for Steel Roots 3. Steve's the man. :):D

Good luck with your bike bro. I know how it feels to have to work the bugs out of a brand new bike. I bought an 02 yz426 about 1 week ago and it was giving me problems. Basically the dealer dropped the ball about everywhere possible. I mean, I even had the salesman lie to me and tell me I get a 6 month warranty and than come to find out it was just that, a lie. The bike would die, the tire pressure was WAY too high, and it spewed oil everytime I rode it. I think it is good to go now though.


Mike Im glad you got it squared away, but do yourself a huge favor, learn your new bike. Ya I know ya just paid 6G's for the thing, but steer clear of the dealers. Some of them might mean well, but most just dont have the experience found on this board, believe it or not. If I were you, Id ride it, then check the plug, just to see how its doing. Good luck, and remember to change the oil after about an hour and half on the first change, do the filter and the whole thing. :)


Glad to hear Steve took care of ya. He certainly rocks with a wrench, and a good rider too (I've raced against him for years).

Ride on,


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