1998 YZ400

Anyone have an opinion on the YZ400 as a woods bike?

I read, it's more MX designed, but just wondering how it would do on fireroads and sigle track.

I had a DRZ, but sold it...too much $$ to have sitting around, only getting rode twice a month. I have come across a YZ at a good price and was just wondering how woods wise it is.

Thanks for the replies,


You have to get used to the lack of flywheel weight (it stalls easy), but I got used to it and have a blast in the woods and on the singletrack. The gearing is tall in first and second, but i geared it down and slip the clutch when it ets real tight. I have the enging apart now, and installed WR gears so I can gear it back up for better top speed.

I guess it's up to the individual. Woods riding is all I do and I get around alright on my YZ. A little clutch abuse here and there :) My bike doesn't have an aftermarket flywheel weight. However it would be nice to have one. My sprockets are 15/51. I just pick my lines and try to keep the momentum going. It does get a little rough on the tight root filled climbing sectons. A WR model would work better, but the YZ gets me through. I do kill it once in awhile but I don't race, so I'm happy with my '98 in the woods.

Whatever that's worth!

Good Luck :D

10oz flywheel weight

14/50 gearing

WER stearing stabilizer

mine works pretty good in the woods.

the flywheel weight is by far the best thing ive done to it

SAME HERE, mine will lug along great with the flywheel weight, and i can get along pretty good in the tight stuff, maybe a clutch slip every now and then but not often, i ride with some 250f's and although they stay with me in the tight stuff but when we hit the shortest of straights.......bye-bye!!!!!!!!!!!jimbo


Sounds great, Pm me your address and I'll pay shipping. Thank you! :)

Well, I picked her up.... :D

Starting it, does take some getting used to. The compression release is not like any other bike I've owned. Much different that the 'zuki's, but I think I got it figured out.

No reserve or kickstand...now that'll be different. :)

ANyone know how to put an odometer on one...do the WR's have'm? Least like to be able to keep up with "gas mileage".

Thanks for the info. folks!!


b myers slap a panoram computer on,,, job done

LIKE mark said get the panoram, the wr does have a odo but youd need the hub with speedo gear drive which would be costly i'd think. jimbo

What's this Panoram...and where do you get it?

What's it powered off of?



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