helmetcamera.com rocks!

Some people were looking for a helmet camera about the same time that I was and I meant to write this post earlier. Here's my story:

I recently received my helmet camera from helmetcamera.com. Cool toy! Overall the quality appears to be very good, and the battery is much smaller than I had anticipated. The plastic storage box top shelf stuff! I caught the sales person in a good mood and they threw in a free mic. :) The order was shipped when they said it would be shipped, though they did initially leave a few items out of my order. I called them to let them know and they said that there was an error in packing the box and they would send the parts right out. They overnighted the parts to me and I had everything the next morning. Very impressive!

The camera is waterproof and is protected by an aluminum housing with a (replaceable) plexyglass plate on the front to protect the lense. The housing is separate and the camera (the camera is about the size of a 12ga shotgun shell) slides in the back and is held in place with a tiny alen screw (wrench provided in the kit). This lets you mount the housing at any angle and rotate the camera to get a good picture. I was skeptical about the tinting in the plexyglass lense cover, but outside the picture quality is good (they say the tinting reduces glare). For use inside the tinted cover is too dark IMHO (you can get clear covers for a few dollars, or use it without a cover). I've only tested it on the bike once and that was going slow with my wife on some dirt roads, and it worked as advertised. The mic did pick up a lot of wind noise (it was attached to my chin strap), but I'm not sure that's the fault of the mic. The lense on the camera gets a nice wide shot which I initially thought was going to be too wide, but after riding with it and then watching the video it looks like they made a good lense choice. I'll see if my opinion is the same after using it for MX. The only spot that I saw which could use improvement was the wires and plugs. They work fine and are plenty long, but given the environment that this thing is used in the camera cord is pretty thin and the connectors aren't very heavy duty.

So in summary, I give them a 10 for service and a 9-9.5 for the product (a 10 if they beef up the wires). It is a well designed package deal that works as advertised. If all goes well I'm going to try to get some footage at the MX track this weekend (weather permitting). If that happens I'll have to post it online if I can get it crunched up into mpeg. :D

i have the same camera... it does take real good video!

i use a canon VR25 digital cam corder cuz its real small

but i just saw a thing on Archos.com that they will have soon that records 3 hrs of digital video on a small hard drive... tooo cool might have to get it!!

I also have the helmet camera, worked great for a year. I mounted it to the rear fender for some great shots and it worked just great till it broke loose and fell off at 40-50 mph. The cord pulled out of the camera and by the time I noticed it the wires shorted together and blew up the battery. Not the cameras fault. I called helmetcamera.com for replacement parts and they gave me a large discount and sent me a later model with external mic. The people are very nice to work with, and the camera works great. Mike

Sir- hope you got the bars.

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I did get the bars just the other day, thank you very much! I meant to email you but it's been a busy couple of weeks. I actually installed some universal mount pro-tapers night before last and I'm keeping yours as a spare set (I've already bent 3 stock sets..heh..).

That's really cool that they gave you a good discount on a replacement! I imagine the mark up is pretty good on these things, but it's a very well put together package.

How much do these things run?

$299 for everything BUT you need a camcorder with video in... so you are looking at another $450 or so for that unless you already have on that is compatable.

I've got some good crash footage of buddys eatin it in front of me ... even have 2 of my own on tape..

I think that my total bill was $338, which included ground shipping, the full kit PLUS an extra plexy lense for the camera housing, a mounting bracket for the bike itself, extra velcro stuff (that stuff is strong btw), a fanny bag and a free mic. I don't think I left anything out. :)

Thanks guys. That sounds like exactly what I need. I'm wanting to put video clips up on our website and think the helmet cam would work way better than just the camcorder.

Hey guys why not post some of that footage?

As soon as I get some good MX footage I will take it to work and get it put into mpeg (we've got the equipment at work and I don't have it at home).

I had planned on riding today, unfortunately the track was closed today due to rain.. :) Maybe next weekend...

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I am thinking about the helmet camera. i ride enduros and i think it would be awesome to fim some of that insane sh*t. About how long does the camera record for? thanks

The little camera that goes on your helmet will go for several hours, but the camcorder that you carry in your fanny bag (which does the actual recording) will be your limit on how long you can record.

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