Cornering Woes..

I just had my suspension and a bunch of other stuff done. I put on a Clarke 4.3gal. tank too. My pig won't turn for crap at low speeds now. The steering actually feels stiff to turn. I have my forks line up dead even with the top tripple clamp. It's really affecting my riding. Could this be the added/off balanced weight change from the bigger tank or is something up with my steering stem or fork height? Any ideas?? T.I.A. :)

Try raising the forks in your clamps by ~5mm. If it feels better, then maybe try a few more mm's. Raising the forks in the clamps will improve the cornering response at the expense of high speed stability, so you've just got to find the happy medium for your riding needs.

If the weight of your tank is an issue, try filling the tank half full and see if things improve, but you'll most likely find more improvement from adjusting the height of your fork tubes in the triple clamp.

I'll give that a try Qadsan. Thing is I believe that the height is where it was before. So A. the tank is too heavy and I need to adjust or B. the steering stem is binding. Even when I have the bike on the stand the steering is stiff to one side or the other. It sat all winter and I haven't greased the headset yet.. :) since new.

If it turns stiff while on the stand, then yes, the steering head bearings / the torque on the stem nut would be suspect. After lubing the bearings, make sure to set the bearing pre-load before you torque the stem nut down.

Will do, thanks!

I had the steering head bearings sieze up on my DRZ400s. It seemed to have happened all of a sudden, it got real hard to turn. Then I remembered submerging the bike in a 18" deep water hole that had another 6" of mud on the bottom, a few weeks prior. It was funny, I started to go thru, and then I just stopped and fell over. The bearings had rusted up pretty bad, had to replace them.

That's my guess. I'm riding this weekend and may not have time to grease them prior. From what I've seen in the manual it's a lengthy process. Can I get under that top dustseal and shoot them with some powerlube or something to get me by?


Two evenings tops is all it will take. One if you have done it before. Straight forward job.

Make sure you have the right sockets and a good torque wrench before you start.

While it is on the stand, move the bars back and forth and see if there is a detent in the center. If it catches right there in the center, chances are your bearings are smoked and perhaps the race is damaged too. It shouldn't really take more than 2-4 hours by yourself. Grease generously!

With the bike on the stand it steers to the left fine but to the right there is a considerable drag, way more evident on the ground. I'll see what I come up with.

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