Hey guys,

My friend is looking to buy a new 02' 426 and just wondering where u recommend and prices available? I know that Yamaha has that special deal like 49 bucks a month or something like that right now? I live in VA and would like to purchase out of state so we won't have to pay sales tax!! He might still consider buying used but if you can get a new one for the $49 bucks or whatever then he wants to go that route? Any links to dealers would be great!! Let me know ASAP if you would. Somewhere within couple hundred miles would be nice. Best I have seen so far is Mississippi for like 5399 otd. Thanks Frank

I just bought one and the $49 a month is a gimmick, it is only good until January of 03. Then the rate jumps from 3.9% to 17.9%.

Oh ya, and the payment goes up to about $150 a month.


You mind telling me where u got it and how much you paid for it? Let me know My bud, is trying to buy one quick, but don't think we drive to Vegas to get one. Thanks, Frank

Sure, I paid $6,000 out the door for it. I bought it from a local dealer and that included 7.25% sales tax and a b.s. $250 prep charge. I was going to go up to Utah but none of those guys had the product. One guy did have a bike but his best deal was $5,800 otd with no sales tax. I think the going price is about $5,500 plus fees right now. Good luck. :)

I paid $10 bucks for the dealers invoice off of the internet. I will not post that information here but if you would like to know the dealer's cost, just pm me.

i bought one back in feb. for 5500 out the door. i think they wanted a sell bad. my friend went down the next week and payed the same price.

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