Braking wave rotor?

Has anybody used these? If so, how do they comapre to the other wave rotors or oversized rotors available?

I really like mine. Tried it on a 426 & had to have it on my 450. I have not tried the rear.


I use a BRAKING oversize rotor on the front of my 04´ YZ450, because I was very unhappy with the brake performance of the Yamaha! I come from a KTM SX520......the BREMBO´s where awesome!!!

So I headed out to buy something that equals the KTM....not a cheap set up (approx. 270$ for the rotor, adapter and pads)but worth the money......since I have installed it, I´m very pleased with my brakes........just to mention, I had no complaint on the rear!!!!!!!! :)

These ones always confuse the hell out of me. I hear what everyone says, then I take a look at some of the factory riders using what appears to be std rotors and brake lines. They sure rider harder than I ever could, so if the stock stuff does it for them...

Or, am I missing something here? Maybe they aren't using stock bits? :)

Most of the pros use what appear to be stock brakes because they aren't the wave design. They are, however, oversized rotors and calipers.

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