Oil filter change alert!

This past weekend I did a complete oil change in my 426 for the first time (the dealer had done the first 2). I drained all the oil in the frame and the case and then I removed the oil filter. Well I take the filter cover off and find a bent up filter in the case. At first I wondered what was wrong with it and then on further inspection I found that the rubber seal that is on the inside of the case had come off so I get out my little dental tools and find that there was two of those seals stuck together and stuck to the back of the case. That is why the filter was all bent up and I would also venture a guess that the two seals stuck together like that would not make a proper seal. I took the valve cover off to see if there was any damage to anything and everything looked good. So I guess this is just a warning to check the (and you probably all do) outgoing oil filter to make sure it has both seals and if it doesn't to check the case to make sure there isn't anything left in there. :):D

Sounds like your dealer did a piss poor job. On the stock filter the rubber gasket will come off the filter when you take it out. As you found out. I would let the dealer know what you found. You should be able to clean a stock filter a number of times if your careful before you have to get a new one.

Exact reason why people do their own maintenance!

(beyond saving money and time)

Yep thats the problem with some shops is they just want your cash and don`t give a monkey`s about your bike!,i would go back and have a word with the person who did the filter change(just in case it was a youngster just startin out!)

try putting a light coating of oil on the rubber seals on the filter before installation, just like a car filter. just a thought.

Never let a dealer change your oil, it could end up costing you a lot of PAIN, as the saying goes IF YOU WANT IT DONE RIGHT, DO IT YOURSELF. :)

Life's lessons don't always have to suck right????

Jerry :D :D

Lots of dealers are pre selling maintanence with new dirtbike sales. Dont waste your dough on it. The bikes come with excelent service manuals and are in need of minimal major work. Do the basics and ride the crap out of it.

My moto is "If I want shoddy work done I can do it myself"


Yep would have to go with eric on that one! :)

Oil on the seal is a good idea.

I once left the old oil filter seal on a small block chevy when I installed the new filter and didn't have a problem until 10 miles down the road. I even checked for leaks at first start-up. I'm no genius, but I usually try to check everything, use good parts and install parts to specification.

Unfortunately, some times sh*t happens.

I would let the dealer know and try to get somthing for it ,

like free filters for the life of the engine. :)

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