ELN needle for the YZ426!!!!!

Fellers, fellers, for anyone looking for more bark in the earlier part of the revs..try the OBELN needle, it's a needle from the 250F's. I found out about it from the WR side. I put one in this week and went for the test ride..w/my stock 42 pilot, it didn't want to start..I had to turn the fuel screw closed then just open it an 1/8th turn and she lit. After warm up, opened fuel screw to 1 turn..ran great..THEN, I put at 40 pilot in, woohoo, I can do the hard whack of the throttle w/no stumble or hesitation, and that's with 12oz's sitting on the flywheel. It just makes the lower mid-range punch more beefy and snaps to attention...Yamaha part # 5NL14916-EN-00..

Per Scott in KC, I used 3rd clip from the top, temps here have been in the lower to mid 70's and soon to be getting much warmer, may even need to go ahead and get the 38 pilot but I will know more after this weekends riding. I find a 14$ needle and some pilot jets a small investment for better overall performance. Give it a whirl. Jason

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