MOAB VIdeo Does Not work!

AHHH! I got my video today at lunch and the tape is frozen. My VCR gets an E2 error (Damaged or stuck tape) I pulled the tape apart to try and get the binded sopt out but it won't work. I'll mess with it again tonight. This happened a long time ago when I bought the Steve Lamson video. FOr some reason it was stuck and I had to take it back. Its something with the high speed dubbing I guess. Anyway I'll let you know what the deal is later this week.

Tim In Golden

Sorry to hear about the tape, but I've got a couple more copies so let me know if you get it going or not. I'll gladly send you another.

The duplication was a bit disappointing in general, the jumpiness & quality loss was a big surprise to me...but I did expect them to at least work!!

Keep me posted...

(sorry for the delay, I've been out of touch in Vegas this week!)


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