Call me cheap

Call me cheap, but i dont feel like spending $10 for a can of Yamaha Blue spray paint at my local dealer. Does anyone know what color the frames on these bikes are? Thanks in advance


Yes, I know what color it is, it is Yamaha Blue. What are you looking to do, save $5 bucks, come on.

Ok, you asked for it, you're CHEAP!!! :)

Right on! I am cheap, hehe.

I plan on painting my whole frame, so i will probably need 3-4 cans of spray paint to do a really good job. I know someone has to make a rip-off of that color.. so why not save $20?

Yeah, i did ask for it... but 20 bucks saved is 20 bucks earned. :)

You can go to any decent automotive paint supply store and have the color matched, but I don't think that will save you any money.

don`t forget that if you want to have a decent job that will last you`ll need to apply a clear coat as well.... another few cans there...

If you don't do it right it just won't last. Get it powder coated. Should only cost you about $150 and it will last much longer...


Or, it could cost $1500, right Thumpsalad? :)

He doesnt even want to pay $10 bux for a can of paint, I don't think that guy will guy get his powder coated.

To get the exact color requires the white primer, the metalic blue color coat, and a clear coat. I had to paint a welded bracket on my bike and found out the exact color required all three cans. Good luck with trying to find a cheap substitute.

D'oh! This is getting more and more complicated. yznvegas and fireballsocal make a good point... guess ill just have to do it the right way. Thanks for the help :)

Nah, i dont want to get it powdercoated. I just want to redo the frame to sell it. Im actually not THAT cheap... I was just wondering if there were any cheaper alternatives. If i was cheap, i wouldnt have bought a $6k bike. :D

Not to mention the nearest dealer that sells the paint is about an hour away. Guess ill just have to take the trip though.

BTW, it wouldnt be just $10... im talking $40 for 4 cans of "Yamaha Blue", or $16 for a rip-off color that doesnt require a 2 hour drive. I was just curious... :)

LOL, it's all good, my only point would be yes you bought the $6k bike so now don't put junky paint on it. :)

Do not paint it.... just buy a frame guard and forget about paint it....

NO MORE PAINT...!!! :)

Yeah, that makes more sense. What kind of guard is it again that covers the whole side tube? Website?

You are really cheap

I think that you need, well you really need some thing like these... you wont spend a penny with that cover.


sheesh, i guess i asked for it. when i go and spend the money on "Yamaha Blue" paint, then will you re-imburse me the $40 i could have saved Ego?


Cant a guy want to save an hour drive and 40 big ones? I give up... :)

Thats too funny! My buddy is selling an old Honda Scooter and is trying to fix it up. I'm gonna tell him to buy one of those to make it look better. :)

Why cant you order the paint from an online store and have the stuff shipped to your house? Then we can all stop yelling at you for being cheap!!!

Yeah, i powdercoat anything and everything that will fit in an oven. My frame doesnt seem to...

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