2003 YAMAHA 450 ???

does anybody know if yamaha is coming out with a 450??? maybe e-start???

Rumour is 450, with e-start for the WR, and maybe alloy frame....or maybe not...

I think the only certainty will be the capacity raise...

yes......hopefully hear something in the next 2-3weeks from Yamaha....

the american mags have had the bikes to test for a while now, you should see them previewed in the next months editions

I have the May issue of MX Magazine (French)in my hands. They sent a reporter at the All Japan MX Championship. There is very nice color pictures of all the Japanese 2003 MX

pre-production bikes. The Yamaha pictures are the least elaborated and least explicits. Only side shots of the bikes. End the japanese guy told the least of the 4 to the reporter.

'03 YZ-450:

- New cylinder and piston (449 cc)

- New engine cases with oil filling orifice

- No more oil in frame ? Wet sump(like Honda)?

- Pigyback rear master cylinder (like Honda)

- New lever on the handlebars. I suspect a Hot

start because I don't see the red button on the


EVERYTHING else is the same as '02 (frame, plastic, airbox). Maybe they are testing a alloy frame secretly ? Just my .02 cents.

Sorry if I used the H word ... :)

Well If ben is correct, I wont be buying a new YZ. I wont be shellin cash until the YZ marries Jenny Craig, and Jenny has her way with the YZ.

Lighter weight than the CRF450, easier to start than the honda - no majic button, 4 speed transmission.

Just some the 2-smoke specs, add the difference to the CRF + 5 pounds and you'll be pretty close I bet.

5 pounds is to cover the fact that Honda had 3+ years to get there motor lighter. Yamaha will likely take a big step this year and several small ones over the next few years.

BTW: Any news on the YZF125? I want to get one for my girlfriend. She's on a KX100 now, so I can't give her gas unless I bring oil. Those small 2-smokes don't go too far.


In a rather ironic turn of events, Yamaha recently had there '03 testing session at Lake Whitney MX here in Texas, which is run by Honda of Houston. After a couple of days the track got dusty, and since the guys are all employees of a Honda only dealership they had to sign a confidentiality agreement and prep the track from 9pm to 4am in the dark then be off the property completely during testing...I told the owner he should have snuck through the woods with a telephoto lens and got some shots! I can't believe the new bike, whatever it ends up being, was that close to friends of mine and everyone swears they saw nothing!

He told me Yamaha has also rented the entire Lake Whitney ranch for 3 weeks later this summer to shoot their '03 promotional material photos also.

You best go out there and get some photos then.

You know I would! I told Dave that in my full camo(offseason bambislayer mode) I could get close enough for sure...if I can spot stalk deer with my bow a bunch of occupied mechanics sure wouldn't be a problem to sneak up on. Unfortunately, by the panic'ed look in his eyes after that statement I don't believe he was thinking about inviting me to help with track prep that week.

Mxaddict Id like to play poker with you. YA DONT TELL HIM YOUR GONNA TAKE PICTURES!! GEES MAN! Now just go tell yer buddy you were kidding, and get out there!! COVERT!! Ya dont tell the elk your coming do ya? LOL :)

I bet you lived as another life before this one

Addict ?

You were one of those High Scrool Teasers wernt you..

Ya know what I am talking about, leadin people on making em think yer loosie goosie

Then wammmo cool as ice

dude camp out sneak in hell I will send food donations if I have toooooo :)

Man you can sneak in look who is hosting the show HONDA EMPLOYEE's

Geez thats like Barney Fife holding down the fort..... :D

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Originally posted by Shawn Mc:

Mxaddict Id like to play poker with you. YA DONT TELL HIM YOUR GONNA TAKE PICTURES!! GEES MAN! Now just go tell yer buddy you were kidding, and get out there!! COVERT!! Ya dont tell the elk your coming do ya? LOL :D

Oh, we could play poker, that's just for fun. But I am an admitted full on moto-holic, and at the mention of 'new model, never seen before' in my neck of the woods I started drooling and lost coherent thought for a few moments. :)

Team Honda was also there, right after the Dallas SX I believe he said, and they did get to watch them. These guys know every bump on that track and could ride it in their sleep, and Dave said while Fonseca and Ramsey were very fast, Carmichael was ridiculous and doing things noone ever thought of before and taking sections completely differently than anyone else. Wish I could've been there for that too...

I read on Motonew.org that Yamaha was testing a new technique for castings. The technique is supposed to allow for the casting to be 40% lighter and 10% stronger. If this is true, you could be looking at a 230 lb. YZ. I'll believe it when I see it.

Pig will fly when Yamaha gets a 450F to 230lbs...if you are looking at a light thumper...ride red.

ShawnMc you actually hit the key point to Yams answer to weight loss. I do not think that it is impossible to think that the 03 450 will be 229-239lbs. I just want the power to be the same only stronger throughout the RPM range....

Ferry has been quoted to say "the Honda is faster" the extra cc's along with the weight loss will be key.



Ok its not that long of a drive but enough of the 03 450 or 500 or 626 or 747 yamaha.

GAD :)

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