CR Brakeline

Where is the best place to order the CR front brake line and which one is the best? This is for a 2004 yz450F.

I am a fan of Fastline. Any dealer can order them. No direct number for the company though. Still haven't figured that one out.

Can you put some nice Honda graphics on those because you sure aren't getting Yamaha graphics on them. :)

Never forget Ebay. I got a sweet clamp kit for $16.99 shipped (courtesy of oldblue) and a CR routed Fastline brake line for $15 bucks shipped, and I'm also throwing a CRF master cylinder (Ebay as well, but not cheap!) into the mix as well.

The graphics thing is a dilema. I will try and find soemthing. The fit and design is so much better than stock it is worth the effort.

i had a cr 250 brakeline (1995 cr) laying around and all i had to do was fab a line clamp for the fork guards and voila,cr style routing,it was really nothing to stock yz brakes were fine but since i had the brakeline already and was guys know how it is :)

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