List your MX injuries!

Im having trouble dealing with the injury to my knee many of you may have read about in other posts. Would any of you consider listing the injuries you have sustained riding MX? Im particularly interested in anyone who has had a tibial plateau fracture and or is riding with a total knee replacement!

Kinda of an injury database!


Left acl replaced 6 years ago, right acl replaced 16 days ago. 6 years ago I was told the meniscus was removed from my left knee, and someday arthritis would get the better of me, and the knee would need to be far no problems.

Here it goes-broken foot bone,hemotoma left knee,broken left ankle,fractured pelvis :) ,spiral fracture left tibia 6-7 months to heel,blown medial&acl sugery needed left knee(have no acl :D ),collar bone,fractured rt.elbow surgery

w/pins &wire :D ,reboken left tibia&fib w/surgery requiring 12mm rod the length of tibia,last BUTT not least broken cocix(tail bone)MY ASS!

How's that fo a list! :D:D:D

Listed most current first:

Tweaked knee, nothing blown out, just sprained.

Dislocated right shoulder, TWICE, in the same race.

Bruised or broken tailbone. (no X-rays, just got some percosets!)

Concussion (Don't let off the gas on a jump!)

Huge thigh bruise that eventually leaked into my knee and into my calf. (This was the worst one to recover from)

Sprained Ankles (Twice)

Broken Big Toe

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Broken wrist.

-Separated shoulder (Aug 29 '99)

-Snapped knee. Tendon attachment points ripped off. Borderline ACL & MCL replacement, but they turned out ok!! (Dec 26 '99)

-Broken ankle (June 24 '00)

-Broken shoulder / Partial pinky amputation (Apr 16 '02)

My knee and ankle were from tip-overs....hmm.

The one I just did is the only real injury I have had from actually riding!

1. Torn ligament in left elbow (had it fixed last Friday)

2. Right knee: ACL reconstruction, both meniscus partially removed.

3. Left knee: Both meniscus partially removed.

This has been in the last 2 years!!!

Broken collarbone

2 broken arms (at the same time)

2 concussions

1 broken wrist

1 broken collarbone

2 borken arms, same time, all 4 bones.

all happened last year.

(2) separated shoulder

broken tailbone(that one still hurts)

(5) concussion.

the broken tailbone happened last year to this day it hurts like hell. after about 10 miles of rideing if feels like it still broken. i wish i could find a way to put my round donute on my bike. reading about all of your guys broken bones it sounds like im not rideing hard enough.


This is gonna be a long post. Maybe we should retitle as "The Joy of Dirt Bikes."

As for me, I've never been hurt riding MX, mainly because I've never ridden MX. I've never gotten seriously hurt in a race, but here is my list of riding injuries, compiled in only 3 years:

Broken wrist (radius, schaphoid, ulna, screws & pins etc.)

Broken Collarbone (Concussion on the side)

Broken Shoulder Blade.

Separated Shoulder (tied w/ wrist as hardest to get over, nasty crash). (Concussion on the side)

Broken Rib

Hernia (5th gear loopout, KX500)

Broken nose, broken cheek, 20 stitches in my eyelid (no local, that stings), concussion on the side, memory loss, short nap.

Concussion ala carte w/ Amnesia/loss of conciousness on top.

I look to be about avg. here. It feels good to belong.....


Broken ankle,concussion(sp)?,tweaked back(disk)and currently riding with a 2nd degree shoulder seperation at the ac joint...........

Separated Shoulder... four times.... the same.. now i look like Mel Gibson..!!! :D

Now I just got 3 Ribs fracturated..!!! :D:D

Black eye.... many i mean many scratches... :)

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Good F'n Lord! Some of you guy's need to lay off the sauce before you ride! :D

Compression fractured T7 and T8 vertabrae. Been 4 months and I haven't gone out for a ride or been back to work yet. :) Should make a total recovery.

Tore/disintigrated my left acl 7 years ago. Replaced with a cadaver achilles tendon. i finally got complete movement back about two years ago. It still gets sore when i run but not when i ride. It happened in high school.

when i went to college i met a guy who ended up a really good friend and found out his father is the one who invented the surgery that i received. small world.

wrist broken in 3 places.

scrapped my elbow :)

1. Broken & dislocated left wrist.

2. Sprained both ankles (overshot a double into the face of a tripple)

3. Broke lh big toe.

4. Broke rh femur OUCH!!!

5. concusion (femur incident)

1. Broke 3 vertabrae (T6 - T8)

2. Dislocated left leg, to include: broken hip, and femur.

3. Broken finger

4. Torn PCL in rt knee. Completely severed, not fixed.

5. Too many bumps, bruises, scrapes, hematomas etc. to list

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