List your MX injuries!

2 broken ribs, 2 concussions, bit a hole through my lip, :)

Broken Left big Toe....(the worst pain ever)

(Hit a stump...toe was 1/2 shorter)...ouch.

Broken ring finger (still crooked)

2 Broken Ribs

Broken Bones in Right Foot

Scalped all the skin off of both knees (bailed off mid air knee pads sliced all the skin off both knees when I hit......lucky to be walking today.

Shattered EGO

1978 Fremont Raceway, some snotty lil kid passed me on a 125, On the Outside in Practice.

I think his name was Randy Mamola :)

Broken collar bone, concussion.

hyper-collapsed chipped two vertabre in my neck, consussion.

Impaled, 6 1/2 hours of exploratory surgery, possible colostomy, lucked out, no C-bag, concussion.

Hyper extended right knee 90 degrees, tore acl and lcl off attachment points and broke the bearing surface off of the tiba, tore meniscus.

Concussion with amnesia (thats a story in itself)

L4 and L5 are making contact from degeneration of disc, resulting in bone spurs in siatic canal in L4.

Motrin is my best friend.


Well I have only been riding for about a year now so my lst is short and sweet.

Broken radial in right arm.

Concussion ( happen at the same time as the arm)

Worst part of the whole incident was I had been laid off a month prior. Resulting in lots of time for riding but no medical insurance. :)

Dislocated left Elbow (tore everything).

Badly bruised left knee (still hurts after 1.5 years).

Ok My turn

1: Torn ligaments in right foot Cast 8 Months

2: Broken Right and Left Feet (Not At same Time) two weeks after I broke the right(Right was stil in Cast)

3: Torn Left Knee, 3 scopes cleaning debree

4: Broken Left Sholder

5: Dislocated Right Shoulder (Had to Place it My Self)Eeeeeeeouch

6: Shatter right wrist 6 hours surgey to rebuild two pins adn three screws(Lodi shirt Track)

7: Broken L5 Vertabrea

8: Blown Disk L5-SI (3 Surguries)

9: 4 Broken Ribs

10: and one really good ball busting tank slapper that made me sing in a high pitch for months...


Man No wonder I wake upo and grunt like me Dad :D

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Trans Scaphoid Sub Lunate Fracture/Dislocation Rt. Wrist. It's been six months, hardware's out and it still hurts like hell. Haven't ridden yet but it's gettin there. I think maybe I'll turn it down a notch. Don't wanna seem like a puss but, sick leave is hard to come by these days.

Well lets see, for me this is never ending. My latest is a severly sprained ankle. The best part is that it's the same ankle I just had surgery on 7 weeks ago for 3 torn ligaments, bone spurs and to reshape my ankle after I broke it. You know how long 7weeks is to be off your bike? So I rode and now I'm paying for it. C-YA on the track next week! :)

<font color=blue><h1><center>SMASHED NUTS (BOTH!)</center></h1> :):D

Surely not the most serious but SURELY the most <h1><font color=red>PAINFUL!!!</h1> :D:D:D:D

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Zero physical injury worth talking about.

But my mind wanders.

I miss my grandma.

My dogs name is Coco.

I like the smell of race gas.

The nice young men in there clean white coats

took me on a vacation for a while.

Sometimes I think------------- and then I wonder?

I broke a nail once...

Actually - broken ulna, radius, and scaphoid on left wrist 9 months ago. Still not strong enough to ride.

All you guys in casts, check out this website


Ok each one is a separate incident

1- Broke left foot

2- Broke both feet (at the same time)

3- Broke left Hand

4- Broke rib

5- Contused bladder (other private parts bruised)

6- Concussion

7- 9 stitches in forearm

Minor sprains and strains and bruises on a weekly basis.

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when u next ride try foam grips

my list

torn medial colateral ligaments in right knee

broken tail bone [by far the worst fracture to have]

fractured and pinned scaphiod in left wrist

multiple fracture of left clavical

ripped bottom lip and cheeks from jaw bone [could see my jaw bone when i looked into my mouth]

two sprained wrists and a sprained left ankle

to many concusions to remember

oh and i once ripped a fingernail clean off.

g-d this thread should be enough to put anyone off whos considering dirtbiking as a new hobby

Not feeling to bad about my crashes now.....

1) Torn ligaments left ankle (starwest)

2) Broken right wrist (carnegie)

3) Concussion (perris)

On a quest to hurt myself at every MX track. Maybe I should stick to the desert.

I don't get it! I have the impression that some of you young guys out there think that "battle scars" is macho or something. Just wait til you get will feel all of them.....

I am older I am 45, I feel it every day, it hurts and on cold moist days it hurts worse.

Ya they are battle scars, there also trophies, there good for bench racing and yes it is macho

Ok who has the biggest huevos

Rt. Knee


ACl, MCL, LCL and Meniscus, Patella tendon damaged.

Reconstructive surgery 12.23.01

Took Patella tendon from LEFT knee to repair right.

Was jogging 3.18.02

Riding 5.15.02

Still swells and is painful. Could have been avoided with braces. Would rather have broken any bone in my body. Hurt like a SOB. Hurt worse 6hs after surgery when the doc made me walk on crutches (remider, both had been cut on). If it had to happen O wish I had been doing something cool when it happened rather than pulling into the pit area.

Fractured my thumb in 5 places. Fed me Titanium to fix that.

Broke my wrist in 3 places (2nd time)

Fractured 5 ribs in my first get off on the new 4 stroke

Blew out my knew at LACR

Dislocated hip at Ft. Irwin's MX track

Fractured my wrist at Hollister Hills (YZ490)

Fractured my hand (Boxers break?) in England on my GPZ1100. Going way too fast and was very lucky.


I think I'm gonna throw up now.

I have had no significant injuries in 3 seasons of Jet Ski racing, 3 seasons of MX racing and 3 seasons of road racing.

I did break my ankle in a pickup basketball game at the Y. Now there is a dangerous sport :)

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