List your MX injuries!


I agree my fellow Engineers here snarl at me for riding bikes, These guys go and play Bball ( hate it, cant hit it with a bat it aint a sport) at lunch,, So far 2 Broken Sholders, 2 fractured ankle and 2 broken hands (Not the Same Engineers).

Me I just fall flat on me face in view of a camara


Finally something I can agree with Ego on. Baseball rules, but I have broken a wrist and torn my right LCL playing baseball, haven't had anything but bumps and bruises in riding yet. After reading this post, I went out and purchased some Asterisks. I already have bad knees from catching, still catching, and don't want to screw them up anymore. That seems to be the weak point that everyone hurts, and the knees do hurt when they are injured.

I am 43 now & I have been riding for 30 years (MX for the last 6 years). Strange as it may seem I have never broke a bone. Now that I said that, I will probly break something. Especially now that I have started doing some triples. If anything goes wrong on one of those ,things will get broken. Has anyone else gone a long time with no broken bones?

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