Ok, I'm an idiot. I have some questions about jetting and pipes.

My bike is running like [@#$%&*!]. It's setup for supermoto, with the full setup.

I was running the stock exhaust and headers, with the plug OUT, and it was running way too lean. Then I seized the crank, because it was too low on oil AND running so lean. SO I had to get the motor rebuilt (thanks lee jones!).

Now, I run the bike with the plug in and I'm hoping it's better. But I would rather be SURE than hope!

So, I live in San Jose, CA. What jetting should I run so it's running at about 60 towards the rich side. 0 lean - 100 rich.

Anyway, I think it's running a 168, a 45, and the airbox is off. The needle, I forget which one it is.

What the hell do I do? Oh yea, I think I'm going to order a full akro system. Cause the stock one sucks big time.

- Everett

free mods & jd jetting pack

I assume u r running a pod filter???

If so u'll need to richen it up a bit.

Save yourself the expense and stick it on a dyno :)

I have a DSP full system and run a 170MJ (sea level)


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