Does anyone run a scotts or gpr stabilizer on a 426 with pro tapers and rg3 clamps? Im trying to buy one but so far everyone has said that the rg3 is to thick, and they dont have a bar mount for them??? :)

Try Scotts themselves...

Good luck,


I run RG3's and a Scotts damper. I do run the low mount, right above the fender. I ran it on a Scotts triple at first before the low mount became available. Go for the low mount! It is protected, it doesnt hit you in the face if you come up short. That never happened but looking at it on the upper triple when seated never looked safe.

I believe I have the Top Triple Clamp from Scotts for your 426. I removed it upon sale & have the Clamp for protapers, Arm & a few extra pieces. PM me if you want to buy. I do have the stabilizer but probably will keep it.

I think fasst co makes a new top mount so that you can run a scotts or gpr on the rg3 clamp. I saw them when i was looking for a scotts at montclair yamaha in ca. :)

For a 450 the RG3 and Scotts wont work, the bulges on the side of the clamp, were the top mounts go through the clamp, will not allow you to get full articulation from side to side. That’s with the bolt on damper post, the welded post might work, and I’m not sure. I went to my old Applied top clamp to make everything work together.

I also went with the Faast Co. Flex bars and their damper crossbars, what’s nice are I can run a crossbar pad when racing.



Hey Chazlom

your bike looks :)

Please post a pic of the whole bike.... :D

I have one on my 426 with a scotts top clamp. I have the tower that bolts on the dip stick nozzel. I think if you use that tower you could clear the top calmp using the RG3. call scotts and ask if that will work. I did weld mine on even though it is a bolt on item. If you would like to see a pic email me.

I ran with the Scotts package that includes the stabilizer,top clamp, bar clamp with the Pro Taper bars with the regular mounting ( wear a chest protector ). It has worked great w/out any problems. For my 426 I used the bolt on stem. The only hang up is that it takes a little bit of manuvering to pull the oil dipstick out of the frame with my IMS gas tank.

Thanks for all the info guys :) Much appreciated. I finally got the scotts stabilizer weld on kit. I havent put it on yet <not much of a welder :D> but cant wait to get it on there and see if it helps much. :D thanks again, Bolt Awesome bike pic above, definately show us a complete bike photo!!! :D

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