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Priorities for '08 WR250R with 567 miles - just bought

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Hello Team:

I just bought a 2008 WR250r that has only 567 miles on it.  It's bone stock and runs fine.  Sounds a little weak when it tries to start up and when I turn the key it I don't hear it priming up.

It's been sitting in a garage for years.  I know it needs new tires (they are barely worn but have turned plastic-y from age) and the bike is super grimy around the typical areas from sitting idle for a long long time.  

All recall work performed.  Fuel pump and Stator..

I'd love some advice on what my priorities should be to get this puppy a fresh start to life.  

What are the priorities here?  Should I take it in for inspection?  What would you all do?

Also, can you recommend a great cleaner to get this puppy de greased and spangly again?  (I'd like to give it a good cleaning first)

Any input would be greatly appreciated and thanks!


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