Turning away Red Stickers in Hollister?

Hey All,

A buddy of mine just told me that he knows a guy who's wife slept with the mailman, who's son rides at Hollister Hills and he was just recently turned away for having a Red Sticker!

Can anyone confirm or deny this? Ego, I know you live near there.

California is starting to suck! (hate to say it)

Clinging to my freedoms with a death grip.

J :)

I was at holister last weekend and they said they do not enforce red stickers.I also called yesterday and they said the same thing.What about foresthill anyone know if they enforce.I will have a red sticker in june till then i have a green sticker




I live in Las Vegas and planning a trip to Glen Helen to practice. What is a Red Sticker?

Very funny :)


In California, the registration stickers for OHVs are either red or green.

As part of a pollution control program via the EPA and CARB (California Air Resource Board) they set this program up to control bikes that did not meet new pollution standards.

So in nearly all public riding areas (those managed by the government) there are various rules that apply as to when red sticker bikes can and cannot operate.

However, the red and green sticker program was never put into formal law, (it goes under the Health and Safety Code) meaning that the facilities and law enforcers where given various options as to when and how they wanted to control and enforce what they thought was best – both a good and bad thing. This is why we had DMVs giving green stickers to bikes that where suppose to get red, and in some cases, Sheriffs thinking they had to right to cite riders or confiscate their bikes.

As a courtesy, some parks corroborated with CARB to curb pollution levels on days, weeks or months deemed "heavy" pollution days, by not allowing red sticker machines to enter.

But of course, there is revenue in entry fees so they don't want to send too many riders away.

To the best of my knowledge, nearly all private tracks don't care about red or green stickers. I'm not sure what Glen Helen is.

In addition to this, there have been a lot of political battles over the issue of how far the state should go to curb pollution levels. Everything from BBQs to fireplaces to lawnmowers is under scrutiny.

The environmentalist is in support of anything that helps their cause, but overall, the EPA and CARB are doing what is in the best interest for all of us. They are not, contrary to opinion, against us.

It is estimated that a single off-road bike can generate pollution levels equal to that of 180 cars.

Obviously, during the 70's and 80's new standards were applied to automobiles. Although it took some time to get to where we are now, I for one am glad that we went through the trouble we did to get the air cleaned up.

Now the motorcycle industry needs to do the same, and of course, the four-stroke will help to get us there.

And once again, it's just happening in California first. It won't be long before the pressures that be equal the playing field to all 50 states.


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