2002 WR 426 parts wanted and mods question

I race a WR in the California desert,I have really bashed the crud out of my bike and I need some parts.

Complete kickstand or mount and spring- I broke mine in a few places hitting rocks.

compression release lever- broken

side pannels

Some questions, I have only done the throttle stop and I am thinking of finally doing the the other stuff. What do you all suggest, BK,Grey wire, Jetting for 3000 to 5000 feet, I have a stock YZ pipe, will it help or just reduce weight.

Can someone give me a good idea of what to do to this thing? I live and ride mostly at 3000 to 3800 feet.

I paid $11 for a decom lever at a dealer...

I have the stock stuff off my 99, if it's the same just pay shipping :) no side panels avaiable

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