450 ignition side cover fit a 426?

Does anyone know if the ignition side engine cover from a 450 will fit a 426 and vice versa?

Yamaha list that as a "NEW crankcase cover with oil filler hole" in the 03 update seminar book.

No word if or if it will not work.

Brent, Brent, Brent... :) that wet sump kit won't make you any faster! :D Tell you what, send me the money burning a hole in your pocket, and I'll see to it that it gets put to a good use :D

PS- by the time you get done blingin', it would have been cheaper and easier to just buy a new 450! :D

I am not going to do the Wet Sump conversion Cowboy....but it was on my mind.

I have a LONG way to go before I spend enough to buy a 450. Besides a 450 won't make me any faster either!! LOL :):D

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