I did it my cam is on its way.

I ordered my 450 cam today. It will be here next week $98.00 plus tax I think that was a good deal. I thought the shims came in a shim kit but I guess you have to see what you have then order the shim that kind of sucks. Well any way its on the way and Im installing a new timing chain while Im there. I hope this is a great as everyone say's it is???? Oh by the way I have a 99 YZ400F

It is as great as we all say it is...trust me. Your about to get a new bike!

I totally agree with Satch0922.

I was like you,then I decided to go ahead and jump on the band wagon.

Now every time I start my bike with no starting drill I get back off and kick my self for not doing it earlier and by the time I'm done the bike is warmed up and ready to ROCK. :D :D :)

The Cam rocks the 426. It will light er up like a 450. Selling mine now and brought it down to the dealership to put it up for consignment sale. The shop mechanic and sales guy started it up to check it out. Both were amazed and to my amazement neither one had even seen a 450 cam in the 426. Even though they were amazed the mechanic said 'we got a bulletin from Yamaha saying NO to the YZ450 cam in a YZ426'. I told him that hundreds of us had done it with zero problems. Personally, I think it was a negotiating tactic. Screw em.

You won't regret it, trust me! Best 100 bucks I've spent on my bike :)

YZ Fan. I also ordered my cam today. It should arrive by Tuesday next week. Let me know how yours goes and I will do the same. lacofdfireman@yahoo.com

It would be great if the PDF file on this was working. :)

450 Cam Mod PDF


450 Cam Mod PDF

You will have to decomp the file in the first link...WinZip should work. If that doesn't work for you PM me your e-mail address and I will send the file.

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