why does everyone buy new triple clamps?

why does everyone buy new triple clamps?

just for bigger Handle bars? or for scotts stablizer?

what's a good handle bar? renthal? protaper?


After riding my bike (98 WR) and reading the files here on TT, I decided that I was riding with the handle bars in my lap, especially when I stand up... I bought the triple clamps to move the bars forward vs. stock and to raise them about 1.5 inches, this way when I ride standing up, which I do alot of in my enduros, I will be more comfortable with operation of my brake and throttle, not to mention my clutch... I guess I could have found a Triple clamp off of a 99-00 model, but I went after market.




just to clarify things, it's only this year '00 that the clamps were changed, & the bars moved forwards.

it's the old story my friend, go & buy just the clamps & stay where you are? or get the scotts?

in my opinion you should buy a top clamp that moves the protapers forward.



Most of us bought new triple clamps in order to open up the ergonomics. The after market TCs allow for multiple fore/aft mounting positions. On my KX500 the bar mounts are removable so I only needed new bar mounts to accomplish the same thing.

You do not have to replace the upper TC to mount a Scotts steering damper - sometimes it's just an easier/cleaner set up.

Scotts Performance makes a set - top & bottom - of clamps that change the '98 & '99 steering geometry - rake, I believe - to match that of the '00 bikes. The Scotts clamps are supposed to seriously improve the turning ability of a pre '00 YZ or WR.

Of course, there are those folks that buy new TCs just to have billet CNC'd stuff on their bike :) or because that's what McGrath or Pastrana has :D


They buy them because a magazine said "THESE THINGS ARE THE COOLEST!!"

I will let you know the difference of new TC vs. Stock, it should be in this week??

Need to get ready for second half of SETRA enduro season, I guess my 12oz.curl workouts will have to stop for now...


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