a few riding accessory tips and tricks

i went on dualsport ride last weekend.i received so many positive comments from riders when they saw my homemade bike accessories.so ive decided to share my little gizmos with all of my friends on TT.i would of shared sooner but really didnt think they were a big deal. protects%20and%20quiets%20rattling%20tools.jpg


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Hey every neet thing we buy

someone like you made the first one

keep up the good work

thanks for the pics


How are you tapping that over the fuel screw without flattening the sharp end (what are you holding it with)?

i was able to just hold piltoscrew and brass tube in my hand and tapped tube against top of workbench.[you dont need to hit tip of pilotscrew at all,you should only be tapping brass tube against surface] brasstube is soft and thin enough that it streches over screw with very little force.you could also thread pilot screw into carb 1 or 2 turns then tap the tube over it.[bottom part of photo]i used a old pilot screw with broken tip it was just to show how tube goes on.

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Thanks for the great ideas. Please continue to post the great pix.

i also coat the tools that i keep in my riding bags with rubber dip[most hardware stores $5].rubber dip helps prevent rust,improves grip,stops tools from rattling in bag and makes them easy to identify when they end up in wrong toolbox AT END of day use%20%20rubber%20dip%20on%20riding%20tools.jpg

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