Rocks Suck

Last saturday my riding partner and I planed to spend the whole day aborad our blue beasts at the East Fort Rock ORV Trail System in central Oregon (rock being the key word). The idea was to put as much real estate that was in front of us... behind us. You all know the drill. Gas, Riding Gear, Food, Map or Area (tried no map the first time we rode there :D dumb) Tool Kit (with tire patches). We had everything but the kitchen sink on our bikes and backs. The weather was perfect, all sun with a slight 5-10 m.p.h. wind. Heck... the parking lot was almost empty when we got there. What a day we were going to have... NOT! :D

I know there are rocks out there. Shoot... half the fun of this place is to miss them at brake neck speed. Most of the rocks are well displayed too. Right in middle of the trail for every one to see. That is if your looking.

Ok... So I wasn't looking one time. Next thing I know my seat has smacked my butt up between my sholder blades. Now I'm looking at the trail from a new perspective while doing an unplaned front wheel stand in 4th gear :D .

40 miles on the bike (wiht air in the back tire). The tube was pinched so hard that it has two 1.5 inch slits where the tire and rim had a close encounter of the violent kind.

Did I mention that we had a tire patch kit? Hey... who used to glue? :) Oh... there it is :D . Patched both slits. Found another hole :D . Patched it :D . Aired it up again. Found that the tube was seperated form the valve stem as well :D .

I know it's the rocks falt that we didn't pack an extra tube... This time.

Sounds like time for a Bib mousse (sp?). I'm not sure if I named it correctly, but it's one of those foam inserts that replaces the tube and is puncture proof (never any air in it). :)

Rocks are a blast. :)

Pack the extra tube!

Rocks? huh? you say that there were rocks IN the trail? huh, weird. well any way, i live and ride in Georgetown, CO, its about 8700 ft of elevation in the middle of the rockies. you will have to come down here some time, or i can take a picture of ny riding are and send it to you. and as for rims and tubes, buy the bib mousse and put them in an old set of stockers, then go buy some nice black excel rims. use the stockers for trail riding, and use the good ones for racing. its expensive, but hey, i dont know. all i know is that rocks do not equal an inexpensive ride.

I agree with neWRiver, rocks are fun !!!!

I ride a lot in the mountains of central PA (Tower City) and the rocks make it much more interesting.

However, I thought that I was a pretty good rock rider, that is until I went to Colorado and rode around Taylor Lake for a few days..... After that I think that I started to hate rocks too.

My friend tells me that the trails around Crested Butte are better (less rocks), I'll have to check them out next summer.


LOLOL, Thats funny, I've been riding in Colorado so long, I forgot that there were trails with out rocks. Most of the trails out here look like what they are................a rockslide that we are graciously calling a trail.

You can hit em a sixty mph or hit em at two mph anything in between just produces the ping pong effect LOL

rocks Rule! Im headin to Drummond Island in the Upper Peninsulaa of Michigan this weekend to go play in the rocks. Cant hardly wait!! :):D:D

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