newb suspension setup Q

Hey All,

I want to set up my 01 XR650R the best I can. I can't afford to do the suspension right now, but would like to optimize what I've got. Bike is stock, I'm 200-210 with gear, and ride in CT and new england. What should I do? I have the factory service manual. Guess what I'm asking is how should I set things up? I saw something about sag setting in the tech section of, but I'm not sure if that's what's needed in my situation.


On a limited budget the first upgrades that I bought were fork and shock springs and IMS Pro pegs. Installed the springs myself, new fork oil and then set the sag.

The stock springs are undersized for your weight. Figure your total weight (dressed plus any regularly carried trail gear) and then order the correct springs.

Avoid Race Tech fork springs in order to save the hassle of making your own preload spacer. Eibachs front and rear are a good choice. Race Tech also sells eibachs. You could buy eibach fork and race tech shock springs if you were so inclined.

Spring Rate calculator:

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