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Cracked oil drain hole on case

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During an oil change an outer piece of the case alum. cracked.... Any suggestions on fixing other than replacing the whole case? Thanks




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Ouch.  I think that due to the importance of having a good and reliable seal you are kind of screwed.

You might find someone who could weld it back up, assuming the broken piece is intact, but they are going to want the engine out.

Otherwise there are always DR engine parts on eBay,...

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That's a tough one. A good welder might be able to build it up and make a new thread but it would have to be very clean, which means draining and cleaning the motor, probably flipping it upside down so trace oil doesn't continue to leak down.

If you're desperate for a quick fix, I guess it wouldn't hurt to drain the oil, lay the bike on the side so remaining oil isn't seeping down, clean the surface extremely well with carb cleaner/brake cleaner, then use some SteelStik and screw the bolt back in before it cures fully. SteelStik is actually pretty tough stuff, but there's a good chance it won't create a perfect seal. Maybe enough to get some more riding out of it but it would be a long shot.

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