throttle cable

when i rode on my bike this w.e i noticed eccessive free play in the trottle cable , when i tried to adjust it i noticed the the rturn cable is almost broken (near the carb. end) , i had a inner cable to replace it , but it was a bit wider then stock. i intalled it anyway caue i didnt want to end with a broken cable in the middle of the ride. should i leave it on the bike or should i replace it with a stock one (inner cable and outer plastic)? i forgot to loose it when i installed it, so i dont have any free play...

what do u guys reccomend me to do?

i leave about 5mm of freeplay.

Ive broke 2 return throtle cables. mine were caused by me. The bike came to an abrupt stop in the trail. In trying not to go over the bars I twisted the throttle forward, snapping the cable.

I replaced mine with a motion pro t2 cable. So far no breakage.

By the way you can still ride your bike with the return cable broken. You just have about an extra 1/4 turn on the throttle before the cable pickes up. kinda funky riding that way. I rode about 5 days out in colorado that way last year. not fun.

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