front brake line dillema

i want to swap my stock brake line to a braided stainless brake line. what brand do u reccomend? do u realy think there is any different feel between the cr routing style and the regular yz style if ill move to a better company front brake line?

i have a dsp carbon fork guards and i dont want to ruin anything with the cr style.....


I used a Fastline CR style front brake line on my YZ426

I though the fit was very poor but the brake feel with the steel braded line is much better



The big players are Fastline and Ride Engineering.

Review both and decide what is best given your current configuration.

In nearly all cases, you'll have to take what they provide and modify them further to fit your configuration or riding demands. For example, I safety wire the joints between covers and line since they like to separate. I also use to run a special cover over certain areas on the some of the older designs. Now they do it for you.

And in nearly all cases, it's best to lay the clamp on the fork cover down, not up. This stresses the fork cover less, which keeps it from tearing off. Most rider's haven’t clued into this fact, but DSP did when they revised they fork covers.

So, does a CR route really matter? Does stainless steel or Kevlar feel different? The answer is yes, and in my book, anything you can do for better brakes is always worth it. However, there's nothing worst than getting on someone's bike that has this setup only to feel a spongy lever because they never installed or maintain it correctly.

So don't waste your money unless you're going to do it right.

Best of luck!


My bike, I simply aded an oem style braided line from Moose Racing. I also run DP Pro MX brake pads, higher friction than even the Honda pads.

With careful bleeding, these brakes ARE as good as a Honda. I know this because I ride my pals CRF's and I was pleasantly surprised to find there was no noticeable difference in the front brake anymore. Stock, my front brake sucked.

The whole thing about the CR routing is really a moot point. The braided line and pads are the key. If you have a non-flexing brake line that transfers all of the fluid pressure to the caliper, the minor length difference between oem style and CR style does NOT make any difference.

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