Hot Cams on a WR 426

This may be a question for mr hotcam himself, I was wandering if anyone knows the standard amount of extra shim required for clearences. I.e if my shims at the moment are spot on at 165 and if i know i will need 20 more i'll get the 185's as i'm still waiting for the cam to arive and can get everything ready and won't after bugger around with installing, check clearence ,remove, get shims, fit shims, re-install. you know the drill.

Any help would be great.


should of mentioned earlier it's the auto deco cam :)

any help anyone??please

there is no "standard" gap as a baseline.

You will just have to measure...and go from there.

Hot cams suggested adding .25mm. I had 160's in , replaced with 185's and was perfect the first time. I did buy shims from 180 to 190 just in case :)

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