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Thanks for the help Thumpers!

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I'm a relatively new member to the forum but not necessarily a noob to 2 strokes. I have had numerous bikes and quads but found a couple problems when I purchased a 1994 kx80 big wheel (t4) off a friend that had given up on trying to get the carb tuned correctly after rebuilding the top end. It was running super rich from the pilot circuit all the way through the main. After a massive amount of forum and owners manual reading I found out that someone had swapped in both pilot and main jets that were 4-5 sizes bigger than stock. The air screw was turned all the way in because they had lost the spring and screwing it all way in was the only way it would stay where you set it.  So I ordered factory size jets and installed them and borrowed an air screw spring from a different carb. This cleared up 90% of the problem. The only issue after that was a bog from idle if you hammered the throttle. The bike ran great once you rolled past the bog. I know the pe28 on these bikes is a little big for low end acceleration and if you stay on the pipe that issue doesn't matter but my son and I do not use the bikes for mx. We only trail ride so keeping the bike at full throttle all the time wasn't really an option. A little research (a lot actually lol) later I dropped the pilot 1 size and lowered the needle 2 slots(it was set as rich as possible) and she runs like a brand new bike! For reference purposes, I am at 1200ft elevation and it is humid and 90 degrees where I live in Kentucky.  I made this post to share my experience so it may help others and to thank all of the wise and noble thumpers that take the time to share their knowledge so that our community can thrive! Thanks again fellas! 

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