Skid Plate Which one?

I'm going to buy one but wanted to know which brand provides the best protection for the frame, case, and H20 deflection etc

Moose, hands down. Water don't hurt nothin'...

I like this one from Summers Racing Components. It's protects well and doesn't look like you have a coal shovel bolted to the bottom of your bike.


Hey, I like my coal I'd have to say though mine gives ample protection over the one you have. Not to knock SRC as they make fine products, as I have a few. I just like the moose plate better.


I wasn't talking about your coal shovel in particular, just coal shovels in general. :)

What about Utah sport cycle, i love mine on my 600xr

Utah Sports Cycle makes skid plates for various companies who sell them under different brand names and they sell them direct too. I have a White Brothers skid plate that I'm happy with. It's solid and bolts up using the stock holes and presents no issues with the Man Funnel :)

For the best protection, PERIOD!, whipps alloy products.

I've seen many styles and brands, including the ones mentioned here, none of the hold a candle to the Whipp's "bash plate".

Do some research on the quietest plate out there. I had to go with the "coal shovel" and now I can hear every noise the engine puts out. I've heard that some people use a dampening material. Good Luck

I just run the stock one.

I've taken some pretty good hits with it, I don't really see a need to change it. Of course, when I have a hole in my motor in the middle of no where I might change my tune, but for now I'm staying stock.

Honestly though, I think the stock plate does a good job.

Has anyone had damage done that the stock plate didn't protect?

I've heard of a few people munching their frames with both alujminum and stock skid plates. From what I know, Team Honda uses the stock skid plate so it can't be all that bad for their application. It's also lighter and doesn't bounce all that engine noise back like an aluminum plate. On rocky roads I sometimes hear & feel a large clang/thud from a rock hitting it and wonder just how well the stock plate would have survived. The bottom of my skid plate looks horrible and the plastic version would probably wear out that much quicker from abrasion, but I don't think its that bad of a choice for some applications.

I coated the first aluminum skid plate I bought with a truck bed liner product and it worked terrific with much less engine noise bounced back, but another guy liked it so well that he had to have it and paid a handsome some for it. I've since bought another skid plate, but it's been a few years and I never got around to coating it and just live with the extra noise, but someday... :)

I just use a rubber washer. It cuts the sound down considerably.

I ride in some really rough rocky hills,(softball size jagged rocks) no way would I trust the stock plastic plate.

I run the Baja Designs plate and it has several gouges in it after 3 years of the desert - good plate.

I'm still running the orig. stocker. Had my scoot for almost 2.5 years. Sure doesn't look new but it has served me well. Anybody have any stock skidders they wanna donate??? :)

My 1993 XR600R doesnt have a skid plate, did it origionally come with one ? The previous owner broke the bottom of the right case half out and glued it, but I had it welded when I rebuilt the motor. Guess I should probably put a plate on it, which one should I get ? I dont care about weight to much as long as it is not to expensive and does not make the bike louder.

If I had it to do over again, I would have just spent the money and gotten a new XR650R ! :)


"NO FEAR" If you have no fear, you didnt go as fast as you could have...

i use the stocker. i've gone through three of them since dec 03. very happy. no engine noise plenty of protection and light weight. plus makes oil changes a snap since there's no clamps to remove.

the only bummer is the rear part of the stocker, that covers the frame rails wears out and breaks up...which is why i'm on my third. other than that i like the stocker.

it can be the center of heated debate on this forum....but i still swear by the stocker. no frame or engine damage yet.

by the way, before you guys flame me on saying i still like it even though i've gone through three, that's the key. they are made to be disposable. they are not supposed to be boat anchors like the alu units...which is why the guys getting hooked up with alu units from their sponsors go through so many frames...

which would you rather buy? three new stockers or three new frames?

I have the Pro Armor, and wouldn't buy anything else. It uses the stock mounting bolt points (with new Stainless hardware), so you don't have to worry about clamps rubbing through your frame. It's held up great.

about the skid plates-

I have heard that for the air cooled XR's that a skid plate can mess with the cooling, is this true i dont know.?

I see folks with skid plate that have holes(@1/2") in the front and sides. is this to save weight/aid in cooling? did it come like that or was it custom?

I have been debating this question for months now and i think i like the ones from summers racing

happy trails for the weekend guys

i'm off the comp till mon goin to baja!


I have a Baja Designs coal shovel. It is strong and sturdy, and heavy. I took it off and went back to the stocker. It makes me feel better cause it is lighter :) and I love how much quieter. I even had some rubber insulating it from the frame and I like it much bettter with the stocker having tried both.

Of course I ride mostly woods and don't run across too many rocks. But it sometimes does scrape on logs.

about the skid plates-

I have heard that for the air cooled XR's that a skid plate can mess with the cooling, is this true i dont know.?

The benefits definitely outweigh any of the perceived drawbacks of installing an aftermarket bash plate. The only time you'd be at a disadvantage for cooling would be a WOT for extended high speed riding above 40 mph. Trail riding doesn't provide much ram air cooling so that's not an issue.

I've got the Baja Designs aluminum "coal shovel" and couldn't be happier. I'm also running a Trapp IDS2 QS so the "extra" noise isn't noticable. The only time it is, is when the clamp fasteners come loose. Then it sounds like there's a spun bearing somewhere in the engine.

I've had my XRL for about 8 months now and hands down the best mod/investment I've done, other than replacing the tires, was installing the bash plate. There are many "lasting impressions" on it now to remind me that I'd rather have it on and not need it, than to not have it on and need it. Especially when you're really far away from camp.

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