GYTR Flywheel weight question

Looking at the GYTR MX Heavier Flywheel. How does the weight (2.6kg per cm squared) compare to the flywheels that are listed in ounces?

Is this a good flywheel to run for motocross and trail riding?

I believe this equals 5oz. That is what my GYTR flywheel is.

They offer two of them: the MX version and the other one, which is a bit lighter.

Did you get the MX version? How do you like it?

I like the 5oz. I had way too much wheelspin on my 03 before adding this. I would try a lighter one to see how it performs. I will not go heavier than 5oz for MX. Woods riding is another story.

1.4kg = 4.38oz

2.6kg = 9.1oz

I'd go with the Dubach flywheel, . I would go with the 8oz and if you don't like it you can always exchange the weight for a lighter one. Josh Demuth the 2003 Arenacross champ used an 8oz weight on his bike.

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