OT - Painting a Helmet?

I want to paint an old helmet Matte Black. Has anyone painted a helmet? I plan on sanding it with very fine wet/dry paper and hitting it with paint. Would regular enamel spray paint work? Or do I need a special paint?


No clue. But this lady can help you I'm sure. She does awesome work! :)


the stuff the pro's use is acrylic laquer or acrylic enamel w/ (3-4) clear urethane top coats.

Make sure the surface is cleaned and lightly sanded. Use the proper primer. Auto Part stores carry the acrylic enamel paints in spray cans. Several clear coats of acrylic enamel atop your color coat will give your paint job more protection.

If you want to go expensive and best, use the REAL auto paint, i.e. PPG. This IS VERY PRICEY!! Once you open the can of hardener, it will last < 24 hrs before it gets very stringy and essentially worthless.

To do one helmet, PPG is NOT the way to go.

Watch how you sand it you don't whant any flat spots in it.

Unless there are blemishes that need to be sanded smooth, just use some scotch-brite to scuff it up. I would suggest the grey scotch-brite, not the red. The red is approx. equal to a 180 grit scratch, the grey is equal to 320.

Good luck :)

I have used both 600 and 1200 grit when doing my helmets!!

This is for sanding between coats.

Do you plan to wear the helmet...? if so, be careful of what you use, as the materials it is made from could react... an old fibreglass unit would be fine, but some of the polycarbonates they tried using a number of years ago will not react well to some of the thinners and lacquers on the market... take the helmet to the paint store, and get them to advise you...

Ever considered a helmet skin, or about 2 sq feet of stickers?

Good luck,


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