76 110 race gas

Yes I did the search.. talk about a divided subject... RACE GAS. I am going to try a 50/50 mix with Union 76 race gas110 octane and 93 pump. I was wodering if anyone had any expericence with this particular brand or thoughts on 110 race leaded race gas.

i have used it for years it has always worked well

and it is usually cheaper than vp .

take care shane

Shane, tell me more. Do you run it straight, and did you have to re-jet? :)

I use the 110 octane/ 93 mixed 50/50 with stock jetting and have no problems at all.

I use it too. I run it straight and it performs very well. If everything on your bike is stock, then leaner jetting is probably in order. It would not be fair to you for me to give you my jetting as I have mods done and also ride at 3000'.

I had used VP for years because that is all the shop carried. I tried 76 because a buddy said it was just as good or even better than C-12....and cheaper too!!!!! The rest is history.


Ok ran the 50/50 mix yesterday, the bike ran great,no annoying decel popping, a little crisper throttle response. I know more IS NOT always better but I am curious to experiment using more race gas (110 leaded). If I mix more race gas will I have to re-jet? :)

most definitly

Hey fox426, do you race the Alabama series or just Monster Mountain and GA/FL stuff?

Rallendude, I mostly just race locally at the Monster; 40+ class. My bike has the #426 on yellow background. You may have seen me if you ride MM much. :)

I used to run C-12 straight up. Ran great, but I just tried 100 octane 76 unleaded. It was a lot cheaper and it ran just as good at the C-12. I noticed no difference from the C-12 to the 100 unleaded unocal.

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