XR650L chain sprocket questions


My chain broke when I was riding a couple weeks ago and luckily it

happened in a good place where I could get a replacment fairly

quickly. I bought this used so I am not sure if the chain was stock

or not. The rest of it was modded out so there is a good chance the

chain might be aftermarket. It got me thinking that if I am 50

miles back in the woods somewhere and lose my chain it is going to

be a bad day. I want to get a spare master link just in case.

Unfortunatley the only chain I could get as a replacement that day

was at a yamaha shop from parts unlimited and it was only about $25

and had no o-rings.

1. What is the mfg of the stock chain?

2. It is a 520 chain right? What does that mean exactly?

3. Is the stock chain equiped with a master link?

4. I tried to figure out the make of the chain on mine and all I saw

was a symbol on the links in the shape of an ohm symbol. Anyone

know the make? Not all master links fit the same so I need to

figure out the make.

5. Is a $25 chain that doesn't have o-rings a really cheap chain

that I shouldn't be using? What kind should I get and why?

6. I noticed when I took off the cover for the counter shaft

sprocket that the sprocket moves quite a bit. The 2 bolts are tight

so is this normal. It moved side to side a bit and I know there are

people that had stripped shafts on these. I believe it is the stock


7. What is the stock size countershaft and main sprocket?


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