sprocket dual compound

i had read about a dual compound sprocket aluminum with steel teeth but forgot who was making it.... anyone have info on who has it?

ok i found them they're called stealth sprockets... anyone using them have something good or bad to say about them?

They look neat! :)

Sprocket specialists makes them, I haven't heard any feedback good or bad about them.

Actually Supersprox Co. makes the Stealth sprockets. They are a European import and Sprocket Specialists is a distributor.

I sell them and have had many folks this past year purchase them. I have had absolutely no negative feedback as of yet.

I do know that a good while back they were making the titanium rivets just a bit too large and they were rubbing and being worn off. However this problem was resolved about a year or so ago.

I had one. The steel outer tooth wheel/band cracked in two places after aprox. 10-15 rides. One crack was at the "tab" where the rivet connects the inner and outer wheel, the other crack was in between two rivets. If it would have completely failed and broke away, about 3 inches of teeth would have been lost. I noticed it when I was cleaning my bike after riding. If I didn't catch it and it failed in the air or at a high speed, the results could have been disasterous.

I emailed sprocket specialists about the issue and they said that there were some recent design changes and I probably had the pre-improved version. They were very courteous and said that they would give me a replacement if I sent the broken one back to them. I forgot to send it back!...(im they guy who always forgets to send those damn rebates form best buy and circuit city too). Thanks for reminding me, Im going to send it back this week.

Anyway, thats my experience with the stealth....also...it was a 49 tooth rear sprocket(stock tooth # for a 2001 426)


I know that at one time they had two differnt styles, one for dirt and one for steet. All of them I've seen since I've been selling them are the street version. It may be that the original dirt version was faulty. The pictures I saw of it weren't the greatest. They may well have stopped making the dirt version and went with a standard.

I think Side Winder also makes some

Sunstar also makes one now, I'm pretty sure its going to be my next sprocket choice. Looks pretty cool too! :)

I've been running one for a couple of months, no signs of trouble yet. It is heavier than I thought it would be. The one I've got 47T stealth is closer to the weight of a steel sprocket than an alloy one.

Does it wear slower then regular steel sprockets though?

i looked for the sunstar and sidewinder versions but, couldn't find them. does anyone have links to these. i saw the ti-moly ones on the sidewinder site. those look pretty sweet but, they're expensive $150.

Again, Stealth is a brand name manufactured by SuperSprox.

Anyone advertizing Stealth Sprockets is simply distributing the product, including Sidewinder.

Vic is selling them for $119.99 Of course if you want to believe that they are a Sidewinder product and want to have a cute little snake etched on the side then by all means buy one. (LOL) :)

Only in America! :D

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