what is h/p of uncorked xr650r 172 main 68s


Straight from DirtRodders:

The engine puts out 43 horsepower at 6750 rpm with all the emissions junk installed. With the restrictions removed (and properly jetted), the bike comes alive and pumps out 27 percent more horsepower, all the way up to 55 strong ponies, about the same as Campbell's race bike from the 1998 Baja 1000

Reportedly, stock HP is 43. Uncorked/jetted, it's reported to produce 55. These numbers are at the crank not the wheel, from what I've heard.

Also you can expect best power output if you ride below 1000' elev., jet slightly richer (180) and do the airbox cutouts and remove the exhaust tip entirely. The bike totally rips under those circumstances.

my xr650r pulled 47.9hp at 5400ft. uncorked, FMF pipe, stage 1 cam, 91 octane

175 main, not tuned at all. now I have 155 main.

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