first post and first oil change

Just bought a new 450 and was refered to this site by a friend of mine. Hope you're all patient with me, this is my first fourstroke. I recently broke in my bike and it's time for it's first oil change. My question is whether or not it's safe to use aftermarket oil filters rather than the stock yamaha filter? My local dealer wants $12 for the yamaha brand or I can get an aftermarket for $5 at a performance bike shop in town. I'm not sure of the brand, I'll give them a call and post it after work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.thanks

First of all Welcome to TT! I would personally always use a stock filter unless I had purchased a Scott's reusable filter. As often as we change oils in these bikes the cheap one probably wouldnt matter, but I wouldnt risk it myself. 12 bucks every month or so depending on how much you ride is cheap insurance. Cya :)

Get the cheaper one. I buy $3 filters online and they're all the same, just not oem. The filters I've bought are Hi-Flo filters. They're so cheap you can literally change your filter every or every other ride. Now that's clean oil!

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