what kind of spark plug?

Hey TT's I was just curious , do you guys usaually get your spark plugs from the dealers or you get them from the auto stores? also does anyone have a idea on the best plug of all to use ? thanks everyone !!!!!!!!!

I use the stock NGK CR8E in my 2001 426. Available at O'Reilly Auto Parts for $3. Their part #1273.

Steve T

I haven't checked the parts stores, but I've been using the stock CR8E plug too. $6 at the bike parts store (I'm gonna check the auto parts store next to see if they're less!!).

cr8e's are 5 bucks at me dealer and 5 bucks at Napa.

I work for advance auto part time while going to college, cr8e is 3 dollers, cr7e is less than 2 dollers, much cheaper than the local shops. ngk part number is 1275 for the cr8e, or you can cross it over to an autolite, they are just over 1 doller and I could tell no difference between the two, it's part number is 4303 if your interested.


98 yz400

I use the stock NGK CR8E in my 2001 426. Available at O'Reilly Auto Parts for $3. Their part #1273.

Oops. Part #1275

Thanks guys for the great feed back , that really helped me alot . and thanks for the part number too that will sure make it easy . Thanks again......

Or you can do what a lot of folks on the WR bulletin board do.....soak your plugs in Oven Cleaner for a few days....they say they work perfect after this.......I have not tried this. I guess, I am not that cheap. :)

Ahhhh Shucks Ma

By the way, NGK makes a dual electrode spark plug used in some of Yamaha's higher performance street bikes.

The result will be a plug that last longer, produces a tiny amount more horsepower, and is a lot less likely to foul. A tad more, but worth it.

These plugs can be had by adding a "K" at the end of the plug number. For example, in my 00 426 I run a CR9EK.


CR8EK in my '00.

CR8EK in my '00 too.

3.99 at schucks.(8e)

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