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KTM 640 SM FCR41 MX carb jetting

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Hi there,

Completely new here to the forum but already read a lot of info!

Just bought a very nice Keihin FCR 41 MX carb to go with my KTM 640 SM 2004. This sunday i'm going to fit the carb on the bike but need some guidance for the jetting. The bike now has:

- Snorkel from the airbag removed and the top of the airbbox is fully open

- Leovince X3 slip on (i sawed de DBkiller, without it's way too loud and with the full DBkiller i can't hear the revs...)


So... how to start with the jetting? I live at sea level!

I also have a Rally cam laying around, do i need to rejet when i put the Rally cam in?


Thanks in advance!



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