Seat Height/ Suspension Sag

Hi guys, I have a question. I bought the WR because of its seat height then fell in love with everything else about it. Now, the only problem is, is that the seat height seems to be about 1.5 inches lower than when I bought it. How can I get it back to the real tall seat height without sending it out and spending a bunch of money? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, D :):D :D

Sorry...cant help with the seat height, but your avatar cracks me up !!!!!!!!!!! :)

check and reset the rear sag....the spring will settle a bit after you've ridden a few times.

Just this weekend I turned the spring collar in about two turns. Added some preload to the rear spring, really seemed to help plant the front end in the corners, and makes it more fun launching off of jumps too. :)

- what they said above!!!

- But also...if you havent greased your suspension bearings recently they could be binding and not allowing the suspension to run through its course. Happened to mine. I guess it probably works on the trail, but in the garage you could notice it.

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