'03 XR650L, Excessive oil consumption and oil sludge in airbox, Help!

Hello all, This is my first post although I have "lurked" here for awhile getting tons of useful information. Anyway, I have a '03 XR650L with 1700 miles that is using TONS of oil (like a quart every 200 miles, no exagerration!)Dealer says it's "normal" for this bike to use oil, but yesterday I took off my airbox cover and found lots of oil sludge in the airbox, like it had somehow leaked out of the carburator. The bike is stock except for the removal of the smog stuff, removal of the airbox restrictors and removal of the exhaust pipe baffle. Pulled the plug and it doesn't appear to be oil fouled. &%$#@!???? Any ideas? TIA

No visible leaks? No smoke out the exhaust? It's either spewing out somewhere or being burned in the cylinder or getting past the cylinder into the case (bad rings or valve guides), or but you'd notice any of these.

Have you taken the blow-by hose off the back of the case while its running to check the (oily) vapors coming out? The oil pressure could be too high due to an obstruction somewhere.

Using about 1/4 - 1/2 qt. every 1000 miles would be considered more or less "normal."

Is the bike still under warranty? Should be. You don't have to have the bike serviced where you bought it. Get another opinion. Another dealer (should) can make the proper diagnosis & necessary repairs. Call around. That's not really "normal" at all.

Good luck.

The "Dog" has a good idea. Take it to another dealer. That is WAY too much oil use. Now don't take this wrong...but are you overfilling the oil tank? If it is overfull, it will dump oil excessively.

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