my 02 YZ426

every time i get on it i foul a plug. or flud it trying to start it. i just did the bk mod and turned fuel screw in half a turn. i have not gotting to try it out yet but if it does not stop what else could i do to fix my problem thanks.

The yz426f generally comes from the factory on the lean side. Did you install a larger pilot jet and turn in the pilot screw or did you just turn in the screw to lean it out?

You are not twisting the throttle when you are trying to start are you? If you are than stop, that is why the bike is flooding.

Definitely agree with the previous post that you need to make sure you aren't twisting the throttle. If not you need to take it back to your dealer and have them check it out. The 02's did a lot to correct the starting problem the previous models have so there isn't a need for the mods. (Well you can do them if you want the ability for more granular tuning.) I did some of them when I got my bike but quickly undid them because stock this thing is hard to beat.

thanks for all you guys out there that posted stuff about the bk mod. i did the mod but with out any timer. i rode it and adjusted my screw out a little and i have not fouled a plug since and it starts first kick with no hot start needed. it runs awsome thank for every thing guys.

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